Cidery and Brewery


This past Saturday the weather was beautiful and my sister’s friends were in town for a few days so we decided to hit up some local cideries and breweries. We started the day with some pancakes and a delicious lunch at Roll Play. If you haven’t been, you should stop what you’re doing and eat there now! I honestly don’t know why they haven’t taken over the DC area yet.

Here are the three cideries/breweries we stopped by:

    1. Mt Defiance Cidery & Distillery
      207 W Washington St, Middleburg, VA 20117

The people there were very knowledgeable and gave us some tips of other fun places and things to do in the area. We drove past their new location and they let us know that they’ll be moving there late summer/early fall.

We stopped by Popcorn Monkey for a post drink snack, we tried some Cilantro Lime, Cornfetti (tasted like fruity cereal), Texas Tornado (mix of cheese, ranch, buffalo), Ranch, Dill, Loaded Potato and to finish it off some Pecan Pie. Definitely worth a stop, there’s a ton of other little shops in the vicinity that would definitely be worth a leisurely stroll.

They also mentioned that Burnside Farms will be hosting its annual Spring Festival in Haymarket, VA where you can pick some tulips (with bulbs) and see a neat collection of clogs (dutch wooden shoes).


    1. Wild Hare Hard Cider
      33735 Snickersville Turnpike #104, Bluemont, VA 20135

The people here were so nice and the ciders were loved by the group, they have some really neat seasonal varieties so we’ll have to come back to taste their summer cider Ophelia, it’s infused with grapefruit. They had some leftover of the Saxby (winter cider) that has baby ginger in it, which was the group favorite. We picked up a bottle and look forward to enjoying it again.


    1. Dirt Farm Brewing
      18701 Foggy Bottom Rd, Bluemont, VA 20135

This place has great beer and an even greater view! Definitely be aware that the hill is STEEP! This place was packed, so many people bring their dogs and families, they have a very large deck and covered patio with a fireplace. They bring out fun seasonal beers almost weekly so it’s definitely worth a repeat visit.


Photo credits to my husband

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