DC Day- we got some Hirshhorn Tickets

After trying for a month, we finally got some tickets to the Infinity Mirrors exhibit at the Hirshhorn Museum. It worked out perfectly since I was off for Easter break so we made it a day in the city.

I started my day at the National Building Museum in the St. Elizabeth exhibit, and was quickly accompanied by a team of security agents and one very special unknown guest on a personalized tour, only in DC! My favorite exhibit was House and Home, the video at the end of different families who live in vastly different houses and apartments was really neat. It’s definitely a great place to bring kids, there’s tons for them to play with and they have two sections just to play around. My sister and I grabbed some breakfast at the little cafe and I have to say that was one of the best croissants I’ve ever had.

My husband was able to take a half day and join us for the infinity mirrors exhibit. Be prepared for extremely long lines even with a timed ticket. It took us almost 3 hrs to see the whole exhibit. I don’t regret seeing it, it was definitely worth experiencing, but I don’t believe it will leave a lasting impression.



Near the entrance of the museum there was a large display of orchids, definitely worth a stop to see the variety.


There’s even a pop up Dolcezza shop outside the museum, the wall art is pretty neat and the gelatto and sorbetto push pops are worth a taste. img_20170413_161026044.jpg

Photo credits to my sister and husband

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