Pepsi Cola 1893

We were walking around Target the other night and spotted these neat little sodas, the 1893 collection of flavored Pepsi. We grabbed a can of the black currant, citrus and ginger to enjoy during a night of delicious buttery popcorn and a showing of Inferno. We loved them all! Although there is quite a bit of sugar in each of these, 39 grams, the only one we felt that was too sweet was the black currant. If you like Twinings black currant tea then you’ll love this drink. Each flavor tastes like the real thing, the citrus one is grapefruit, but the combination makes it taste a bit spiced like a Christmas drink. The ginger leaves a bit of a burn and it tastes like the perfect ginger ale. Definitely worth a try you can get them at Amazon, there’s even a coupon!




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