DC Bucket List

My husband and I have been in DC for over three years now and haven’t taken full advantage of our location. We know we probably won’t be here forever and since my sister is now living with us we figured it was time to go back out and explore, especially since summer is almost here, I know it’s May but it’s still less than 60 degrees today! Looking forward to adding more to our adventures. What are some of your favorite DC spots to visit?

Places to see (some we’ve been to but want to see again, or one of us hasn’t been yet):

  • Mount Vernon
  • Sculpture Garden Jazz night
  • Paddle the Potomac
  • Arboretum
  • African American Museum
  • O Street Museum
  • Hirshorn (infinity mirror) – see our trip here
  • Newseum
  • Ford’s Theater
  • Great Falls
  • Sculpture Garden Ice Rink (we’ve never skated, but we did have hot chocolate)
  • Old Town Trolley
  • American Indian Museum
  • NPR Tour
  • VA winery Tour – not quite wineries but we took a trip to breweries
  • Williamsburg
  • Monticello
  • Baltimore
  • Annapolis Trip
  • Richmond

Places to eat



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