Recap Day 1 – 03/26 Peruvian chicken

Although we've been in DC for over 3 years now, I don't feel like it will be my forever home. There are some wonderful things however that we love about DC, one of those is Peruvian chicken, trust me once you've had it you will never want a boring old roast chicken again. I figured … Continue reading Recap Day 1 – 03/26 Peruvian chicken

Meals for the week 03/26-03/30

Two weeks ago we planned out all of our meals and it was the easiest week I've experienced, but there was SO MUCH FOOD! So even though the week was a whole lot less stressful there were a few meals I had to eat maybe more than 4 times (lunch and dinner). Every meal we made was … Continue reading Meals for the week 03/26-03/30